Conclusions by Sarah Nelson

Conclusions by Sarah Nelson

All concepts of "hard work" or "laziness" are ultimately irrelevant. When we act in the spirit of Wu-Wei what needs to be done gets done without strain or effort.

In the end, there is but one problem and consequently, one solution:

We believe that we are physical bodies,
separate from each other,
and separate from our Creator*

* (Creator = Universal Mind = God = Spirit = Love = The Tao etc...)

From this belief in separation arise all the perceived problems of the world. Belief in separation leads to the belief that we can take away from each another, which leads to the belief in scarcity, resulting in competition, greed, poverty, struggle and guilt...

The truth remains in each of us. It is merely hidden. We have simply chosen to forget it.

The truth is that we are Spirit, which is beyond time and space and connects everyone and everything. We are united in One Mind which is beyond suffering and death.

We think we have a choice about this, but in fact, our free will lies only in the choice to accept or deny the truth, and delay the inevitable...

As soon as we are ready and willing to remember, all the help we need will show up to support us, in whatever forms are most suitable for us at the time.

- Sarah Nelson and D.J. Swanson