Money & Non-mainstream Economics

Money & Non-mainstream Economics

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Basic Income for Ireland?

Article on the proposed plan for a guaranteed income

The Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA) in the UK

The RICH Economy and Galactic Archives
Book excerpts by Robert Anton Wilson

Basic Income Schemes

Social Credit
by C.H. Douglas

This is not really a basic income scheme, but an alternative economic and political philosophy that addresses the problem of "poverty in the midst of plenty." The message of Douglas' Social Credit is that our money system ("Credit") should be organized in the interests of society ("Social"). (See "What is Social Credit?" for more on this).

From a review of the book What Everyone Really Wants to Know About Money by C.H. Douglas:
"...most economists do not have a clue what is going on, and that is partly because they make all sorts of assumptions about human nature that are manifestly nonsense. Since economists have little understanding of the nature of money, they assume it is just a convenient neutral alternative to barter. In fact, money is now traded for its own ends, and has become the universal measure of good and bad. To bring about today's global capitalist free market, work has been devalued to a form of slavery, and people everywhere have been denied access to their natural and basic means of survival: the land."
(emphasis added, not in original work)

Information on local and interest-free currencies, social credit and microcredit
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