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On The Leisure Track:

Creating Radical Alternatives to Traditional Employment
an unpublished manuscript by D. JoAnne Swanson, founder of CLAWS

Hi! Thanks for your interest in CLAWS and my work.

Having decided against self-publishing, I am currently seeking a publisher for my book of personal essays entitled On The Leisure Track. In the meantime, you can read three of the essays from the book right here.

(Note: These are the unedited versions, taken from a column of the same name that I once wrote for a now-defunct webzine. The final versions, which will be included in the manuscript, have been revised substantially).

The Cult of the Job
What I Learned When I Quit My Job: Part One
What I Do For A Living: A Rant

You can also read my welcome and story about the origins of CLAWS.

About the Author

D. JoAnne Swanson is a freelance writer living in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has managed to remain job-free since 1997 with the help of her friends and family, though she does plenty of joyful work. She is the founder of Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS). These essays are taken from her manuscript On The Leisure Track. Comments are welcomed (bibliophile at dangerous-minds dot com).

(c) Copyright 2004, D. JoAnne Swanson, Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery. All rights reserved.