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What people are saying about this site

CLAWS gets plenty of e-mail and comments on our site. Here we share with you a few tidbits from the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"I had to write to express my gratitude for your courage to be so honest. After reading your personal stories, I felt like I wasn't fighting a losing battle anymore. About a month ago, I lost my job as an Image Processor. Working from home and doing digital imaging sounded like a dream job for me (I'm a former 3d animator), but the "time clock", the daily quota and the constant on-line surveillance were more than I could bear. It turned out to be the worst job I've ever had and I'm glad to be done with it.

Your point about a "belief filter" struck a chord with me. [Editor's ote: The reference is to point #8 in the essay "What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Part 1."] Living month to month creates an urgency that often blocks out potential solutions. As a regularly self-employed person, I thought I had dealt with these feelings but they creep back in with every lull in income.

My dream is to make films. I've been actively doing "nothing" to further that dream for about ten years now. Fear of failure and more importantly, fear of losing passion had overwhelmed me to a point of paralysis. Ironically, I achieved exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Early in my life, I believed that success was inevitable. I thought, "if I truly believe, it will happen". It wasn't until I listened to other people's warnings of failure that things started to unravel. Doubt and fear had entered my mind and if it could happen to them, it could happen to me. Years later, I have come to the realization that positive thinking really does work. The conviction you hold in your mind allows for an intuitive judgement of opportunities. I find myself pursuing ideas that otherwise seem irrelevant, but turn out to be just what I am looking for."

- John Marshall

"I am really impressed by your site and find it heartening that there are many others out there who question our labor-intensive lifestyle."

- Brian Gonsalves

"Brilliant site...if you don't like the way things are, but can't think of an alternative, then give this place a look."

- Anonymous

"I feel far less isolated having found CLAWS and my education in leisure and freedom has accelerated. Strengthened by like minds, I have more courage to speak my truth in local encounters, in offices, in classrooms...me, a welfare bum!"

- Jack Saturday, author of "Happy Man on Welfare"

"This is the most worthy cause I've seen in a damn long time!"

- The Rev. Daniel C. Leonard, Ex-Corporations Clerk

"I'm not sure I follow the activism of your site. I've always found lefty politics naive; though I'm neither right or left. I find all political solutions more-or-less naive. In the long run, we're all dead, and I think we all need to find our own personal ways around whatever system we find ourselves in."

- Anonymous

"...I like the site a lot. My wife and I both scoff at the whole work ethic...it's created and maintained by the owners of business/production who use the work ethic to exploit labor. The owners keep the workers busy, tired and run down, they give them a pittance and then party down on the profits! They sell them beer to kill their spirit and ambition too...

I saw the comment page on your site, some person wrote in saying they found left politics naive. Well, I find that naive. The comment recommended each individual working things out for themselves. No person exists in a vacuum. No man [sic] is an island. It takes organizing and people working together to change things, it takes a groundswell of awareness to change things. It is naive to think otherwise. Positive change comes from education and organization, not from people sitting around just looking out for themselves."

- Steve Lafler

"...excellent website...carries a wealth of thought-provoking material."

- The Regulars

"An outstanding collection of essays and philosophical insights into the world of work."

- John P. Greany, The Retire Early Page

"It's extremely encouraging to see how many people positively and openly respond to the question of 'Why Work'?"

- Alex Bowen

"...Your site provides encouragement and hope. Not just in a small way, but overflowing with inspiration and light...what you have achieved so far is very much in tune with the TRUTH. I know it and I feel it."

- S.W.

"Is it mandatory that everyone have a job to "earn a living"? Or would people (and the world) be better off if people were paid to stay home from their jobs, and go do the kind of work they really enjoyed? CLAWS isn't against work, but rather the wage-slave job, done solely for money. We can't get deep results in environmental reform until the corporate wage-slave changes."

- Michael Stutz

"I believe that at this point in time, all solutions for freedom from wage slavery are limited. A particular solution only makes a difference to the people involved, at least at first, but as each person gains that freedom, it's a little smaller percentage of the world that's enslaved. And it affects others, both as an example and also because the people can think and act more freely and thus have more energy to help others find the ways that can work for them."

- Lucy A. Saliger

"I have read in your whywork.org site, the most disturbing collection of thoughts ever conveyed into human communication....your site and the ideas contained within, are the lowest form of thought conception. Ever.

You and Mr. Black, and all those associated with and in belief of these ideas, have absolutely no self-respect or pride in anything which you have ever done in your life. Were you all abused as children? I would tend to think so. Were you all from broken homes? I would have to think so.

Get an education if you don't have one already...at this moment you are more pathetic than the welfare crack-whores who spawn offsprings only to achieve a larger welfare check. You, Swanson, are infinitely worse than welfare whores."

- "Thorotrast"

"That most of our so-called free time is far from 'free' is a fact few want to face. For the most part, a pervasive social amnesia blocks out the routine and stress that often makes off-the-job time just as constraining as working. For many, most of the time remaining after work is devoted to recovering from and preparing for the job."

- Med-O, "The Tyranny of Time", from "Bad Attitude: The Processed World Anthology"